A former royal palace in Bangkok


Vimanmek Palace was constructed in 1900 by having the Munthatu Rattanaroj Residence in Chuthathuj Rachathan at Ko Sichang, Chonburi, dismantled and reassembled in Dusit Garden as the first permanent residence in the garden. Nails were used during in its construction. The interior decoration combines European neo-classical style with traditional Thai motifs and architecture and early-20th century modernisation. The celebration for the completion of the 72 room Vimanmek Palace was held on 27 March 1901. It was used as a royal palace by King Rama V for five years until the completion of Amphorn Satharn Villa in 1906. In 1932, Vimanmek Palace was used only as a storage place of the Bureau of the Royal Household.

Address: 16 Rajvithi Rd, Dusit, Bangkok 10300
Hours: Open today · 9:30AM–4:30PM
Phone: 02 628 6300