A former royal palace in Bangkok

Welcome to Bangkok, one of the most cosmopolitan, contrasting and compelling of Asian cities. A steamy, pulsating, yet smiling metropolis of more than ten million. Come find your niche among dazzling temples, eclectic markets, gleaming palaces, ritzy shopping malls, a famous nightlife and many things in between. Enjoy a memorable dinner cruise adrift the Chao Phraya River. Bask in the city’s warm, affluent glow at a skyscraping rooftop bar. Experience all the exciting things Bangkok has to offer – tuk-tuk rides, ladyboy shows, Muay Thai (kickboxing) matches and Thai massages.

According to many European old maps, the river is named as Menam or Mae Nam, the Thai word for river (Me or Mae is “Mother”, Nam is “Water”). The name Chao Phraya is a Thai feudal title, which can be translated as “Grand Duke”. In the English-language media in Thailand the name is often translated as River of Kings.Current research found that the term Chao Phraya did not appear in any historical sources until later in the Rattanakosin era. This supports the argument that the river was originally known to the locals as Menam as recorded in Thai and European sources before 19th Century.